Danube River Cruise - April 2009
Here are some pics of my trip
It was awesome
I loved it

The River Boat

Tom on the Danube River in Passau, Germany
This is the site in Passau, Germany where 3 rivers converge - The Danube, The Ilz, and The Inn.

Tom on the Danube River in Passau, Germany
That's me on the Danube River in Passau, Germany (April 2009)

Passau, Germany
Passau, Germany

View of Passau from the Abbey

Passau from the abbey
View of Passau from my hike up to the Abbey

Another view from the Passau Abbey

I loved this suspension bridge in Passau. On one end the suspensions were held up by metal beams, and on this end
as you can see, they are put into the side of the mountain.

Salzburg, Austria (home of The Sound of Music and Mozart)

Interesting sentiment from the Austrians...LOL (this was a sign in front of a very upscale hotel)

More hiking for me...this was the view of Salzburg from the Monestary that sits above the city.
Of course, many of the older European cities have forts on top of a hill near the city where the
monarchy or rulers lived.

This is an alter in the St Stephen Cathedral in Salzburg. This is a sculpture representing the stoning of St Stephen.

Linz, Austria. This was our docking place for our visit to Salzburg which was about 60 miles from the Danube.

I loved this about so many places - a beautiful blending of the old and the new.

From our ship on the Danube in Linz.

The beginning of what we were told was the "most beautiful stretch of the Danube.

On a bike ride thru the wine country of Austria (the Wachau Valley) this was a pit stop at an
old ruin and I found this interesting perspective - the cross appears to be almost glowing in the sunlight.

Dernstein, Austria - a beautiful little town with the remains of Richard the Lionheart's Castle above
(another hiking opportunity for me!).

So, on my hike up to Richard the Lionheart's castle I spotted this shot looking down on Dernstein.

Next stop on the Danube was the town of Melk - with one of the oldest and grandest Benedictine Monastaries -
it was incredible. This is the view from the Monastary pictured next.

Melk Benedictine Abbey/Monastary.

One of many pictures I took of the inside of the Melk Benedictine Monastary Church - the place was tremendous.

Vienna, Austia - what a GREAT city!

A perfect day in Vienna.

Schoenbrun Palace - I think this place was even bigger than Versailles.

More at Schoenbrun Palace.

The capital of Slovakia - Bratislava...a really beautiful city.

Drinks out in Bratislava at a bar named Paparazzi.

Another opportunity for me to hike - I went to take the stairs up to the top of the "UFO Bridge". Unfortunately for me
the stairs were closed so I had to take the elevator. A great view from up there either way.

Okay...so I get to the top of the UFO bridge tower. Like many towers like this, they have a nice restaurant up here with great views.
After being out on the observation deck, I come in to use the men's room and had to take a picture. Actual tin buckets as urinals, but not just that,
you stand there at the buckets with the windows in front of you, completely open looking out over Brataslavia...kinda cool actually.

Interesting view from the urinal...LOL.

Budapest - another beautiful and amazing city with so much to offer!

Another of my attempts for creative photography.

Sunset in Budapest.

One of many bridges across the Danube connecting the Buda side with the Pest side of Budapest.

At the square in the center of Pest side, this square had some beautiful sculptures.

At the square in the center of Pest side.

At the square in the center of Pest side.

At the square in the center of Pest side.

More of Budapest.

And my final attempt at a creative shot.

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