Barr/Whalen/Fricker Golf Outing - February 2010

Eventhough Todd wasn't there to golf, it was great having him as our photographer. We had a beautiful day on the golf course and, if I recall, we all played pretty well.

The next day we went for about a 2 hour drive up to Big Bear to several feet of snow...what a difference a few miles can make.

Todd really got a kick out of the Golf Cart Crossing signs...makes me wish even more I had stopped to take a picture of the Penguin Crossing signs in New Zealand!

Todd really got a kick out of the Golf Cart Crossing signs

Joan - always in the fairway

Tom - often times in the fairway, and often times playing in the trees

Joan - the putting queen

Milt - hits a mean drive - and always a short, quick chip

See...those darn trees got in my way...again!

Now that tree is supposed to be there...I'm on the tee...I swear!

Studying the putting queen's technique

Hopefully I learned something

Oy...there she goes again...sinking another one

Hey...look too!

Milt - the power hitter - he hits a very mean drive - and darn straight too - maybe I can learn something!

Does she really need to watch it? We all know where it's going. Can you say "fairway"?

Also the master of the wood on the fairway

A few dimples on my head, and you could almost mistaken it for a golf ball

There she goes again...watching it...although maybe she's trying to push it farther with her mind think it will go in the hole?

There goes that long drive again...he has to give up his driver everytime...if it works that well for him, what do I have to lose?

Hey...I think I got it!

Yep...I do believe I do...maybe

I ask again...why look? it's starting to warm up

Honest, that was a practice swing...I swear!

I don't remember, but I'm sure it fell in the cup

And that one too no doubt

Me on the other hand...I have to look...just making sure it wasn't one of those darn tree magnet balls

Looks like it was

And that tree is also supposed to be had nothing to do with my drive...I'm on the tee again...really!

See...Milt wouldn't hit into the trees!

See...he takes practice swings too


Big Bear, CA

That's a lot of snow!

We also took a trip over to Palm Springs...the windmills are pretty cool...what looks like thousands of them

Recently we saw a "Dirty Jobs" episode where they went up in some windmills to maintain them...holy don't realize how big they are or how tall until you see a person in them and on top of them!

The colors of the sunset in the high desert on the way home...we took these pictures while driving

copyright protected - photos by Tom Whalen

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