Anchorage and the Kenai Penninsula - August 2008

My second trip to Alaska was in July when my friend Curtis was going to be in Anchorage for an Air Force Reserve training week. He suggested I come up and explore on the weekend he was going to be off. So I called my traveling buddy Dennis and told him I was going and suggested he come along too.
So off we went - Dennis and I met in Anchorage and spent a few days exploring there. Then come the weekend we picked up Curtis from the base and headed down to Seward for the weekend. We rented a house on the bay in Seward - explored the area, hiked Exit glacier and had a great time.
July in Anchorage is interesting with about only an hour or two of darkness - dawn starts setting in about midnight or so.

While in Anchorage, Dennis and I went out to a historic site showing the traditional Alaskan and Eskimo villages. This was actually a pretty cool demonstration of some of the traditional dances done by the Alaskan native peoples.

We also visited the art museum in downtown Anchorage that had a pretty impressive collection of artwork and displays.

Anchorage art museum.

Then off towards Seward with some amazing scenic stops.

Ah, there I am...

Seward, AK is on the Kenai Penninsula on Resurrection Bay. Seward is also just a few miles from Exit Glacier - where at the top of Exit Glacier is Harding Ice Field - an amazing expanse of white and a field of ice that is spread out as far as your eyes can see. These are some of the views from the hike up along side of Exit Glacier.

This is the river coming from Exit Glacier.

I made this same hike 2 years earlier...see my Alaska 2008 trip and you'll see this same picture...and I don't appear to have aged a bit...LOL.


Awesome views from here.

On this same hike 2 years earlier I came across a black bear then too...and actually watched it charge a hiker...pretty scary. And here I am again on the same hike and another bear siting...a mother with her cub.

Very cute to watch...from a distance :-)

As you can see...pretty warm hike.

Views of Exit Glacier.

Exit Glacier.

You can't really get a perspective on the size of this Glacier from the pictures.

You can start to get an idea when you see people in the picture.

But now you can get a better idea - look towards the top of this picture, just slightly left of center and you'll see some black specs...and then look at the next picture.

Yep...those are people hiking on the glacier.

The house we rented was right across the street from Resurrection Bay. From our dining room window we spotted this Bald Eagle fishing in the bay.

We hung out at the shore watching him for quite a was really cool.

Here is a shot of him with a fresh catch slipping out of his claws.

Beautiful to watch - so graceful and smooth in flight.

We didn't see a ton of wild life - Black Bears, Marmots, Bald Eagles...this is as close as we got to a moose siting.



After our weekend in Seward, Dennis and I took a drive up to Denali with some beautiful scenery.

On one of our hikes, these mushrooms were growing all over...I found them pretty odd looking and nothing like any mushrooms I had ever seen.

These looked a little more familiar.

And we assumed this was what that first mushroom opened up too.

I thought they were pretty cool looking...and not being familiar with mushrooms...these looked like the type that could give you some pretty wild hallucinations...LOL...we weren't that curious...just took pictures.

And at the end of this hike was a view of some falls.

There's Dennis.

copyright protected - photos by Tom Whalen

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